Christ Presbyterian Church

A Congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America

Family Worship

Private and family worship are vital parts of the Christian life. Each day, the Lord is pleased to receive His people in worship. He hears our prayers, strengthens our faith, and instructs our children with the Word.

Below are some materials, prepared by Pastor John, to assist the families of Christ Presbyterian with household devotions. These guides facilitate rich, instructive worship but are accessible to children and new Christians.

A new family worship guide will be posted each week, so check back often!

CPC Family Worship Bulletin

Private Prayer and Devotional

Dates Scripture Text Download
Mar 23-28 Psalm 1-6 Week 1
Mar 30 - Apr 4 Psalm 7-12 Week 2
Apr 6-11 Psalm 13-18 Week 3
Apr 13-18 Psalm 19-24 Week 4
Apr 20-25 Psalm 25-30 Week 5
Apr 27 - May 2 Psalm 31-36 Week 6
May 3-9 Psalm 37-42 Week 7
May 11-16 Psalm 43-48 Week 8
May 18-23 Psalm 49-54 Week 9
May 25-30 Psalm 55-60 Week 10
Jun 1-6 Psalm 61-66 Week 11
“...God is to be worshiped everywhere, in spirit and truth; as, in private families daily, and in secret, each one by himself...”